About The Author

About The Author

I was raised in a classic Chinese family in Macao, on the Southeast coast of China. My family placed a very high importance on teaching the children the classics of ancient Chinese philosophies. Because my father was a military officer, and my mother was a doctor, our family conversations were almost entirely focused on Chinese history and Chinese healing principles. Famous generals and their military strategies were common topics of conversation in our household throughout the years.

I learned chess and Chinese martial art fighting principles when I was quite young, and continued to develop them throughout my life.

After I graduated from Taiwan University, I taught high school science for two years. After I came to the United States, I earned a graduate degree in animal breeding at the University of Florida.

I began my first investments in the early 1970’s in the Hong Kong stock market. In the mid-seventies, after I came to the United States, I started to invest in the American Stock Market.

Within a few years in this country, I owned and operated a popular restaurant and nightclub business. It was a successful but stressful business, so I chose a new field that was more sedate. In 1983 I joined a financial institution, where I marketed various investment products. In addition, I had full licensing as an insurance agent for a major insurance company.

Soon thereafter, I opened my own insurance business and operated it for over fifteen years.

In 1996, I began to dedicate myself to attaining success in the Stock Market. I suffered the same ups and downs that everyone else did during the chaotic markets from 1998 through 2008. The more I contemplated the deeper meaning of the principles of The Art of War, the more I began to see how they described the adversarial position I was in with regard to the Stock Market.

 I discovered that the strategies described in The Art of War could be applied to dealing with the Stock Market. I put the principles to the test, and discovered that they absolutely do work.

Currently the author is teaching martial arts for health and self defense, as well as offering consultation to clients seeking his unique methods of healing chronic pain. His website can be found at ykphysicalconsultant.com.


Copyright Y.K.Wong, 2009


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