Avoid Needless Losses & Build Financial Success

Investors need to get out of the traditional approach, and play Wall Street like a game.  There is more to the picture than what Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis alone can give you.  The books you study have often been written by experts who are employed by Wall Street.  They can lead you into a trap.  This book will teach you how to develop you own guidelines for choosing investments.

Find out why the emphasis on long-term investing may not be in your best interests, and learn why the "easy money" of short-term investments may not be that easy.

A stock has no life of its own.  It moves up and down because of unknown forces.  Most of the time investors overemphasize a company's profit or loss, and assume that is the reason for the rise and fall of the stock. In reality, the movement of the stock is the result of rumors that come from Wall Street itself.

Without a well-equipped mind-set, you cannot build up and maintain your confidence. You can't see through the toxic cloud coming from Wall Street. You will panic easily when the Market drops, and you will lose your hard-earned money. 


Copyright Y.K.Wong, 2009

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