Table Of Contents

The Art of War Applied to Wall Street


Chapter 1: Background on the original book, The Art of War, written
_________ 2,500 years ago in China by Sun Tzu

Chapter 2: Overview of the basic tenets of the original The Art of War book              

A. The True Purpose of War
B. Preparation for War
C. Strategy and Attack
D. Basic Principles of Successful Combat
E. The Importance of Image as a Psychological Weapon
*F.  How The Art of War principles Apply to Wall Street

Chapter 3:  The first main principle of The Art of War: “Make the enemy
                   Surrender without a fight”

Chapter 4:  The second main principle of The Art of War: “Know yourself”                  

Chapter 5: The third main principle of The Art of War: “Know Your Enemy”

Chapter 6:  Applying Sun Tzu’s key principles in today’s Stock Market

A.  Analysis
B. “Know yourself”/ “Know your enemy”
C.  How to deal with the Stock Market

Chapter 7:  The original teachings of Sun Tzu

A:  The author’s personal insights and commentary on the original text
B:  Interpretation and application to Wall Street phenomena

Chapter 8:  My Story     

Copyright Y.K. Wong, 2009




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