The Twofold Image Of Wall Street

The Twofold Image of Wall Street

Wall Street itself is intrinsically intimidating because it conveys the image of money, power, and no mercy.  It conveys the image of being unpredictable, yet predictable; irrationally volatile, yet capable of being analyzed.

 It is an irresistible attraction to those dreaming of making a fortune, an enticing temptation that continually draws to it those who dare to hope that they can scale the fortress and return home with the prize. The lure of money is so powerful they cannot resist.

For many, the Stock Market is like the “never-ending song.“ There can be an irresistible allure to the contradictions of the Stock Market, and its promise of easy money.

When people see the Dow Jones average appearing to go up, there is a psychological effect that entices the would-be investor into the trap. Wall Street can be the flame that attracts the moth. Many have found that once they get in, they have been trapped and the treasure has slipped through their fingers. The party has come to an end.

This phenomenon will be discussed at greater length in the chapter, “Know the Enemy.”

The Art of War Applied to Wall Street will show you not only how to avoid the trap, but to capture the trap with its own bait!

As the Chinese say, “If you are entering into the tiger’s cave to capture a baby tiger, you better be well-prepared to deal with the unexpected. Otherwise, you will be offering yourself as the lamb at the tiger’s dinner.”

Copyright Y.K. Wong, 2009


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