What Do You Believe About The Stock Market

What Do You Believe About the Stock Market?

Do you believe that the Stock Market is subject to random forces, or is based simply on the supply and demand concept? If you believe that, you will be wiped out! There are more forces behind the Market than simple supply and demand. These apparently hidden forces make it appear to be “an irrational and exuberant” phenomenon.

Do you think the Market is manipulated in some way? If so, you will continually feel stressed. You will lose your focus, and very likely will miss out on opportunities to invest.

Do you think there are crooks in control of Wall Street? If you think that way, you better not touch the Stock Market. Why? Because if you think it is manipulated by crooks, you will subconsciously believe that they are far more skilled than you are, and you will never have confidence in yourself.

In The Art of War Applied to Wall Street, I encourage you to approach the Stock Market as if it were your own small business. Think about it---if you had $30,000 to create a small business on a given day, you could barely start it up. However, if your $30,000 were applied to the Stock Market, you potentially have the buying power of about $100,000 to buy and sell each day.

 Obviously, this is a much more productive use of your money---IF you know what you are doing.

My book will give you valuable information that will give you confidence in dealing with the Stock Market.


Copyright Y.K. Wong, 2009

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